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Ukiyoe Spectacular


New show opening soon at the West Vancouver Museum and Nikkei National Museum. This has been a fun one to work on, as usual. Worth checking out both locations if you can!


‘Tis the Season

HemlockPaper HemlockPaper2 HemlockPaper3HemlockPaper4

‘Tis the season to be a designer who prints at Hemlock!! Today, at my door, the delivery of the annual Christmas wrapping paper from Hemlock Printers. This is hands down my favourite printer sample / gift (designed by Cartolina). In usefulness, aesthetically, design wise—I really couldn’t say enough great things about it—such a fantastic idea. The package is always equally as special as the contents—and this year I almost didn’t want to open the hexagonal tube within which the paper was enclosed; and then I’ll have an equally difficult time cutting into the paper and wrapping things with it. I usually keep it intact for at least a year before I break down and use it. Yes, it was a good day.


Greystone Books warms the house



Since resurrecting in March of this year, Greystone Books has been busy getting back to business, including an ambitious move to a new office. It took some time but last night marked the official housewarming for the publishing house for which I work half-time as Art Director. Publisher Rob Sanders has been true to his word: we’ll have fun, work hard and play harder. I planned on taking more photos (this was taken before guests actually arrived, hey—we earned that pre-party glass of wine). But it was a full house, a great party and a lovely warm office (both physically and in spirit—it was pretty  hot in there with all those people).


Evolution of Jess


It’s been just over a year since I left the comfort of an inhouse design position, and while I’ve found out of house more comfortable than I first thought (more days working in pyjamas, afternoon walks with the dog, general freedom of all sorts) it’s also come with the necessity to brand myself in some way. Including a proper website (thank you Jen Gfeller), which I am excited to now have up and running.

Here are some of my first attempts at my own identity; ranging from — holy shit I need business cards in two days and I can’t design and print them that fast — Continue Reading..