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Finished Books

BookLedges Books

At the Figure 1 office: Furniture has been built, desks are arranged, a wall has been painted, ledges have been installed. And books are arriving daily. It’s great to see it all coming together and to view the combined results of all the work that has been done. And to hold some of it in your hands.

Check out more of the Kim Dorland project here.


Stationery Arrives


At long last we have business cards! It was an exciting day . . . so much so that two little elves broke into the delivery while I was away from my desk . . . not that I could blame them. And to their credit, they did try to tape it back up.

And printed books are also arriving on what seems a daily basis. I’ll be sure to post those very soon (some can be seen on my work page already).


Polestar Before & After


The lovely folks at Polestar contacted me regarding an update for their Polestar Family Calendar. The calendar has a long tradition of featuring floral paintings, but they were looking for a more contemporary approach.  I wanted to retain something of the Family Calendar floral tradition as well as ensuring the revised approach allowed for variety and flexibility in years to come. Shown above is the before and after. I just love projects like this!