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The Headband Sample Book


You know how some people have a map and they put a pin in all the places they’ve ever been, to keep a record of their travels? Well, as a book designer my travel map is the headband sample book from China. [headbands are that tiny little piece of fabric at the top and bottom of hardcover books which one gets to select]. I dream about projects that might arise where I can use some of the myriad of options that are available. This headband book is like the holy bible of tiny multi-coloured corded ribbon. If you can dream it up, I swear it’s in this book. I haven’t even utilized a fraction of what’s available—but I can guarantee I won’t use the same one twice. I have a mental catalogue of which ones I’ve used and which are still to come.

And now I have one of my very own. And it arrived at my front door. And I am happy.


Found Type


I love it when I come upon stuff like this and I actually have my camera with me :)


Hello Figure 1


I’ve been with Figure 1 Publishing for two full months now. It’s been a whirlwind of activity with trips to Toronto and Calgary; an upcoming, very soon to launch rebrand (that I am excited to unveil); numerous great projects currently underway; sales conference; and very soon a new office. A little bit of everything, a whole lot of action in an intense amount of time, but a whole lot of fun and well worth it. Shown above is a sampling of my most recent cover designs.


The Alcuin Society Website





I am very excited to see the new design for the Alcuin Society launched and live. A very rewarding project I had the pleasure of being a part of. Myself along with ZG Communications were thrilled to bring the old site up to date and hopefully attract the attention of a wider audience. Those involved in the running of the Alcuin Society are a special bunch of amazing and dedicated people; thank you Leah and Lumi. It’s also great to see in use on the site the new logo for the society designed by the lovely and fascinating Dr Shelley Gruendler.


Saying Goodbye to Greystone


I have very much enjoyed my time as Art Director at Greystone Books. From relaunching their identity and website, to working once again with friends and colleagues from D&M, and meeting amazing new people; it was a great time. I will miss them all very much . . . but look forward to spending time with them outside of work. (above: some of my last Greystone covers)

I have started my new position as Creative Director at Figure 1 Publishing and I look forward to introducing some new things in the works very soon! I’m looking forward to spending some time rejuvenating the company’s identity and website, on sourcing a team of dynamic book designers and photographers to work with; to really utilize this opportunity to scout and collaborate with a variety of talented freelancers. Publishers Chris Labonté and Richard Nadeau have developed a really great program. Working with art galleries, museums, restaurants and all manner of interesting individuals AND getting to design and direct books — this is essentially my dream job come true.


Interviews and Insomnia


I was recently interviewed by Dan Wagstaff for his blog The Casual Optimist. I was thrilled to join the ranks of his Q&Aers. You can read the interview here:

I’ve also just wrapped up a visual identity/web project for the lovely Jennifer Webb and her new business, Insomnia: Writing + Editing for Business and the Arts, and I look forward to the site going live very soon.




As I finally get around to clearing out and properly archiving my work from 2013 I’m reminded of all the iterations that can sometimes go into a final, approved design. Here are some examples of covers; some that made it to the finish line, and others that never quite did. I’ll post anything else of worth as I continue the process.


Ukiyoe Spectacular


New show opening soon at the West Vancouver Museum and Nikkei National Museum. This has been a fun one to work on, as usual. Worth checking out both locations if you can!


‘Tis the Season

HemlockPaper HemlockPaper2 HemlockPaper3HemlockPaper4

‘Tis the season to be a designer who prints at Hemlock!! Today, at my door, the delivery of the annual Christmas wrapping paper from Hemlock Printers. This is hands down my favourite printer sample / gift (designed by Cartolina). In usefulness, aesthetically, design wise—I really couldn’t say enough great things about it—such a fantastic idea. The package is always equally as special as the contents—and this year I almost didn’t want to open the hexagonal tube within which the paper was enclosed; and then I’ll have an equally difficult time cutting into the paper and wrapping things with it. I usually keep it intact for at least a year before I break down and use it. Yes, it was a good day.


Greystone Books warms the house



Since resurrecting in March of this year, Greystone Books has been busy getting back to business, including an ambitious move to a new office. It took some time but last night marked the official housewarming for the publishing house for which I work half-time as Art Director. Publisher Rob Sanders has been true to his word: we’ll have fun, work hard and play harder. I planned on taking more photos (this was taken before guests actually arrived, hey—we earned that pre-party glass of wine). But it was a full house, a great party and a lovely warm office (both physically and in spirit—it was pretty  hot in there with all those people).