Bunny Esmond

I’m working on an upcoming project, unrelated to Esmond here, which concerns a visual artist for whom the postal system played a part in her work; concepts of sharing information and resources and exploring means of communication. Something which we take for granted in this age of pinterest/facebook/instagram, social media everything, but which I often find voyeuristic and/or removed of personal connection and generally lacking in authenticity. It’s an interesting and inspiring project, for sure, and it made me appreciate all the more this lovely gift that arrived unexpectedly in my physical, tangible mail box.

Earlier in the year a friend gave me her small childhood pink blanket which was a blanket sample for Bunny Esmond. When preparing to move and downsize homes, she came upon a small book from the same series and she thought I might enjoy having the set. I adore this sort of thing, and these will certainly hold a special place in my collections, not only for what they are but because of who they are from. There’s something extra special about an unexpected treasure that shows up in the mail. Thank you, Leah, for thinking of me.