Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

It’s an exciting prospect, the idea of setting up an office. The planning, the dreaming, the organizing . . . all things I thoroughly enjoy . . . it’s a sickness. So, I was very excited to get approval on a few purchases for the new Figure 1 space to begin filling out the new digs. Step one—a weekend trip to the furniture store, and ice cream for everyone.


It’s almost like they’ve done a bunch of research on this . . . I think you could fit a small apartment’s worth of furniture in one SUV. Not including kids, that is, which was a bit of an oversight on my part. And resulted in a second trip.



And when the instructions, well illustrations, tell you you need two people to build a bookshelf, they must have also considered carrying it up the stairs. Thank goodness for willing participants, er, partners.



Alright, we’re having fun, the lamps are done, we’re making good time, moving on to the bookcases!



Right about now I’m wondering what I got myself into and feeling a bit sheepish about my “willing” participant. By the time we get to the blue inserts, documenting the process is no longer on my radar.



But after a good night’s sleep and some smiling faces the blisters on my thumb are but a distant memory and I find myself looking forward to phase two! Who doesn’t love a painting party.