The Headband Sample Book


You know how some people have a map and they put a pin in all the places they’ve ever been, to keep a record of their travels? Well, as a book designer my travel map is the headband sample book from China. [headbands are that tiny little piece of fabric at the top and bottom of hardcover books which one gets to select]. I dream about projects that might arise where I can use some of the myriad of options that are available. This headband book is like the holy bible of tiny multi-coloured corded ribbon. If you can dream it up, I swear it’s in this book. I haven’t even utilized a fraction of what’s available—but I can guarantee I won’t use the same one twice. I have a mental catalogue of which ones I’ve used and which are still to come.

And now I have one of my very own. And it arrived at my front door. And I am happy.